We are well-known in Poland and abroad manufacturer of dummies and marchandising gantries. We have operated since 1992.
We specialize in the production of polyurethane foam dummies and plastic dummies dyed in mass. Clients work with a reputable clothing stores and companies involved in equipment stores. Our mannequinns were in the popular polish TV series and movies.

Our products are of high quality and at the same time compete on price with other available in the world market!

You can send email: info@grakmar.com.pl
cellphone: +48602336822



Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowo-Usługowe "GRAKMAR"
ul. Wałbrzyska 111, 91-865 Łódź

Tel./Fax: +48 42 659 4161
Tel. kom.: 504 264 514

E-mail: info@grakmar.com.pl